How-To: Coils And Foils Lightening Technique

Written by: L'Oréal Professionnel Team
Jul 19, 2022

You can never have too many tricks up your sleeve when it comes to color. And here’s one to add to your skill bank that’s great for curly hair, particularly hair formations 4-8. Check out this all-over foil lightening and toning technique to lighten and transform curls from L’Oréal Professionnel Regional Educator Ashley Smith (@ashley_smith_pro).

Products Used:
Metal Detox Pre-Treatment
Blonde Studio 9 Bonder Inside
20-Volume Blonde Studio Oil Developer
Dia Light 10.01/10NB
Dia Light 10.02/10NV
9-Volume Diactivateur
Curl Expression 10-in-1 Cream-in-Mousse
Curl Expression Curl Reviver


1. Spray Metal Detox Pre-Treatment, detangle and air dry.
2. Mix 30g of Blonde Studio 9 Bonder Inside and 20-Volume Blonde Studio Oil Developer. 
3. Slice to create a large weave at the nape.
4. Place between foils, with lightener applied in a double point.

5. Alternate double point weave foil and traditional slices until you reach the occipital bone on the back right and left quadrants.

6. Move to front of head. Take diagonal back sections from left and right quadrants.

7. Apply lightener from roots to ends, repeating 3-4 foils. Leave out triangular section.
8. At fringe, apply lightener in a double-point application. Repeat in 3-4 foils until halfway to top section.
9. Above the occipital bone, apply in double points up to crown area.
10. Above the ears, alternate slices and double point large weave foils, stopping at the top section.
11. Finish top section by using large weave double-point foils.
12. After lightener has processed, shampoo once with Metal Detox Shampoo.

13. Gloss from mid-lengths to ends using 20g each of Dia Light 10.01/10NB and 10.02/10NV with 60g of 9-volume Diactivateur. 
14. Hold and hydrate curls with Curl Expression 10-in-1 Cream-in-Mousse. Revive with Curl Reviver until next wash.

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